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 Mysterious Girlfriend X

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Patch v1.2
Patch v1.2

Idade : 26 Feminino
Localização : Gensokyo
Humor : I looooove 'em balls
Mensagens : 61

Mysterious Girlfriend X Empty
MensagemAssunto: Mysterious Girlfriend X   Mysterious Girlfriend X Icon_minitimeQui Jun 11, 2009 2:16 pm

Mysterious Girlfriend X (Nazo no Kanojo X, 謎の彼女X)

Mysterious Girlfriend X MGX

The story begins with Urabe being introduced to Tsubaki's class. She does not attempt to be sociable with her fellow classmates, choosing to sleep at her desk during lunch, and soon earns a reputation as being strange. One day, Tsubaki wakes Urabe (who was again sleeping at her desk) late after class to tell her the building will be closing soon so she needs to go home. After she has left, without thinking, he tastes the drool pooled on Urabe desk. A few days later, Tsubaki falls ill with a mysterious flu-like sickness and is absent from school for five days straight. Urabe goes to visit him at his house, telling his sister Youko that she has classwork to give to him. She has Tsubaki lick drool off of her finger, which causes his symptoms to immediately subside. Urabe says this reveals that Tsubaki has feelings for her, and that they have a connection though their saliva. Over the next few days they began walking home together so Urabe can give Tsubaki a taste of her drool every day to keep him from falling ill again. She shows him her hobby of cutting designs out of paper with a pair of scissors she keeps tucked away in her panties. She also uses the scissors as a defensive weapon. Tsubaki later becomes her boyfriend after a showing of his emotions by dramatically destroying an old picture of a girl he once liked that he had been carrying with him for years, thus leading the story through the progression of their relationship through different events and the telepathic connection they share through their saliva.

Tipo: Manga
Volumes: ??
Capítulos: ??
Status: A publicar
Géneros: Mistério, Romance, Escola
Autor: Ueshiba Riichi (História e Arte)
Editora: Afternoon

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Mysterious Girlfriend X
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